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EDUSystems School Management Software Features

EDUSystems Solution is an all-in-one school solution, which help in digitalizing school activities. EDUSystems School Management Software is a web based software which caters for every areas of schools activities from daily attendance of students and teachers to the conduct of their assignment and examinations (both online and offline), to recording of test and examination scores which help in the management of school activities, etc.

The qualities of our software features is the real secret behind the successes of many schools that have adopted EDUSystems Solution overtime, because of it simplicity in management, and knowledge based in managing school’s finances, operations and its offline CBT software which help school to conduct paperless test and examination, thereby help in eradicating the cost of papers and printing, for both examinations and report cards.

Explore Some of Our Features

Generate report card and broadsheet automatically
Head of school’s comment is both manual and automatic
Accessible for administrator, teachers and students
Customize with school logo
Report card personalization with student picture
Digital classroom for teaching
Up-to-date lesson notes for teaching
Online CBT for homework/weekend assignment
Offline CBT for school test and examinations
Support unlimited addition of subjects
Accessible for everyone at the same time
Serves as school data bank of both students and teachers’ details
Can be used for special discount for selected students
Debtors’ access can be blocked
Access to the school financial cashbook
Teachers’ privileges are managed by admin
It is all accessible on both computer and mobile phone
Parent can access child’s report card, CBT, payment invoice & receipt, etc
Privileges for teachers based on their roles
Can be used to manage income and expenses of the school.
Customize with each student picture
Student digital ID Card
End of session promote/demote of student
In-built message platform for admin, teachers and student
Admin and teachers can deny student access to the portal
Printing of payment receipt is supported by A4 paper & PoS mobile hand printer
Teacher’s account can be swap or deleted
Staff login via QR code at no cost
Mini admin account for head of schools (e.g headmistress, principal, etc)
Can be used to generate invoice for each students

EDUSystems School Management Software made simple, just for your convenience.