Welcome to portal. This platform provides you endless opportunities, either as church leaders, church members, advertisers and those sourcing for refreshing godly news/articles. Been Nigeria's first interdenominational church web portal/directory, the platform was built with a capacity to accommodate a wide range of Christian data...and is expected to become world's most populous black nation church directory in no distance time.


- Christians - The benefits of this platform for many Christians is endless as it provides them an opportunity of making a choice without stress. Expected to become church data bank in no distant time, is what a Christian needs to search for a church of his/her choice within a specific location. Been an interdenominational church web portal, the platform is available for all for use. Not limited to churches alone, the platform also accommodates house fellowship and campus fellowship. So, any new students can easily come on it and search where his/her church campus fellowship or house fellowship is located and the contact of its leadership.

Aside this, visitors are provided with the opportunity of signing up for a daily devotional newsletter.
- For Worship Centers - The platform provides an opportunity for churches, house fellowship and campus fellowship to register and automatically have their web pages created based on the information’s they supplied. Some of the features on the web page include;
* About Us,
* Church Leadership,
* Church Activities,
* Church Contact,
* Testimonies
* Gallery,
* Social media integration, etc.

I doubt if there's any information a church want to display on a website that's not already provided for on this platform.
While users like visitors of this platform do that at no cost, churches are expected to register with a token, of which the registration is in three different categories, which includes;

1) GOLD: Subscribers of this plan enjoys all benefits, which includes having a web page, can receive prayer requests and also post news, articles or events on our blog section.
2) SILVER: Subscribers of this plan will have a web page and also be able to receive prayer requests from visitors.
3) BRONZE: Subscribers of this plan only have a web page automatically created for them based on the information supplied during registration.
Subsequent annual renewal of these accounts cost only 50% of their initial registration fee. Meanwhile, no churches will lose its accounts, even if they don't renew. They will only unable to effect any changes for their respective web pages from their dashboards.
- For Marketers: web portal provides an opportunity for everyone to earn a legal income without stress. The marketers are grouped into three categories, which includes;
1) High Level Marketers: This must be a registered organization, whose service includes sales or marketing during incorporation. This category of marketers are entitled to 25% of registration fees of any churches that registered through them and can only claim payout after registering 250 churches.
2) Semi Level Marketers: This must be a group or association, either registered as an organization or not. No individual can register under this category, as evidence must be shown. In this category, group of friends can team up for the sole of purpose of achieving a task such as this. This group of marketers is entitled to 20% of registration fees of any churches that registered through them and can only claim payout after registering 200 churches.
3) Low Level Marketers: This must be an individual, of which only valid means of personal identification (e.g. International passport, PVC, National ID card) is required. This group of marketers is entitled to 15% of registration fees of any churches that registered through them and can only claim payout after registering 100 churches.


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