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These terms and conditions apply to all churches who creates an account with us (whether complete/incomplete, successful/unsuccessful) through this website.

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Your utilization of any of our services warrant that you will not make unlawful use of this website or any contents and materials we provide through other means with which we correspond with you or final parties on your behalf.

Our Service

Mychurch.ng provides a platform for all Christian denomination places of worship, which include RCCG, TREM, WINNERS, ECWA, CATHOLIC, ALADURA, CELESTIAL, GOFAMINT, etc. The provision of these services are found on the website through which you can access the details of any of your found place of worship.

Visitor’s Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews of churches are given by the public. Mychurch.ng has no control over the rating tendencies and we cannot guarantee that the reviews are accurate or true, most of which are solely dependent on the likes and dislikes of the individual.


Mychurch.ng bears no responsibility for any liability that may arise from attending any of the churches on this website.


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